Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Misleading Size of the Jack Russell Terrier

Mike Loftus is the president and founder of MLE Merchandising and Sign Solutions, Inc., in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. MLE has provided branding services and merchandising support to more than 15,000 clients in the last three years alone. Away from work, Mike Loftus enjoys spending time with his family and their four dogs, including a Jack Russell terrier. 

Typically weighing 13-17 pounds, the Jack Russell terrier challenges owners with energy levels far exceeding their tiny frames. The breed was originally raised to hunt for foxes and is most satisfied when provided with some physical task to perform. Owners who do not provide their terriers with a job and fail to offer at least 40 minutes of daily exercise can expect their small companion’s temperament to shift from jovial to destructive rather quickly.

Terriers present owners with a number of additional challengers in spite of their convenient size. They are frequent barkers who enjoy digging. Additionally, a Jack Russell cannot coexist with house cats or small rodent pets, like hamsters or ferrets, as the dog will view such animals as prey. This is an instinctive trait of the breed and cannot be overcome through any amount of training.

In the correct home, when given the proper exercise and social interactions, the Jack Russell can be an invaluable addition to the family.

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