Friday, September 2, 2022

An Introduction to Vinyl Printing

 A signage and branding entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience, Mike Loftus serves as the president of MLE Merchandising and Sign Solutions in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, Illinois. Since founding the company in Elmhurst, IL, in 2002, Mike Loftus has overseen all final decisions on signage and vinyl printing.

Digital vinyl printing is copying a digital image onto a vinyl sheet. Vinyl is light, durable, works with many types of printers, and generates high-resolution images with quality dye. Companies often use printed vinyl products for indoor and outdoor promotion and marketing. Examples include stickers on vehicles and banners in exhibition spaces.

What makes vinyl printing appealing is its durability and affordability. Vinyl is waterproof and stands up to the adverse effects of extreme weather, from heat to cold. When combined with scratch-resistant ink, a printed vinyl banner or sign can remain in good condition outdoors for years. Depending on the digital printing technology, vinyl products can display photo-quality images. Vinyl products are cost-effective compared to several other digital printing techniques.